Great blessing and love

by Sidd

For the past two months we three were working on getting up and running . When I say three, I mean God, my wife and I.

It’s an awesome team of mostly like minded and greatly motivated humans and a perfect being !

Us human beings , we were always being watched over by this third and senior most member. We often, the two of us drew blanks. We often ran out of Ideas. Actually we didn’t even know what to do with this project when we started. Ahhhh, that’s how it was.

So our third team member who is actually the first team member stepped in. He gave us the ideas, the inspiration and the strength to move this forward. If there is anything that is good about our work, then blame it on God and my wife. For that which is poor, praise to me !

It was and continues to be a miraculous experience for both my wife and I. We have loved the long hours of work and the team spirit.

God offered us a fineĀ  launch, as M.S. Dhoni ( India cricket team captain ) got married at Vishranti Resorts ( ),a day after the website launch. Very gracious of Him to love us with all our shortcomings. Very humbling as well.

Just joyous and thankful, very much.